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The best massage in Incline Village lives in the gray 2-story complex to the right of the bowling alley on Incline Way. We are on the end of the close leg, bottom floor. Find our directions on google maps Incline Village. When you come in the door make a left down a short hall and we are the first door on the left.

Note: We love our clients and wouldn't disturb them for anything, so please understand if we're already helping someone if you drop by. You can always fill out our form to easily make contact, too.

Massage Tahoe

923 Incline Way #32, Incline Village, NV 89451, US

(775) 292-0650




Onsite Details

Next to the bowling alley, 1/4 mi. from the Hyatt


Come in the front door #32, then make a left down a short hallway and we are the first door on the left

Our best office ever!


We love our little door


Massage Tahoe in Incline Village

Massage Tahoe in Incline Village has a 24 hour notice of cancellation policy. After that time we will keep the deposit if you cancel. This applies to appointments made within that time as well. 


While charming, our space is intimate. Massage is personal and generally it works best for friends and loved ones to wait elsewhere.


We make sure you get every minute you pay for so please add 15 minutes to the duration of your massage to allow time to get on and off the table.

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