"It's insane. I don't know how you did it. To be brought to tears due to being overwhelmed by “not hurting” because that NEVER happens, that says it all. You're a miracle worker."

--Perry McCown, Owner, Thyme is Precious, Personal Chef Service, 

Roseville, CA

What Makes us the Most Effective Massage in Tahoe?


Two Things

--A supremely tuned and experienced heart that hears what your body is saying that has become white noise to you

--A supremely tuned and experienced heart that hears what your body is saying that has become white noise to youB

--Barefoot Massage

What Makes Barefoot Massage Better?


--Bone Structure

--While Barefoot Massage allows for deeper pressure it is at the same time more gentle

--Your massage treatment goes deeper into your tight muscles while the larger softer foot pad makes your experience more enjoyable with less soreness later

About Us


Healthy Well-Being

Therapists Who Care

Therapists Who Care

At Massage Tahoe in Incline Village we put your body's needs first so you feel better as soon as possible. This means listening and feeling into your body's energy so we can go straight to the true source of your pain and follow your body's subtle directions to help it unlock and heal. Our work can change your body and even prevent surgery. Let's see what we can accomplish together!


Therapists Who Care

Therapists Who Care

Therapists Who Care

What sets Massage Tahoe apart as the best Massage Therapy in Incline Village is our results. Our high rate of success with long term healing of structural body issues comes from how deeply we tune in to your body.  This means we are able to put ourselves into your position and sense what your body is feeling and what it needs. And no matter how busy we are, we will always try to make room for you to accommodate your busy schedule. Helping you brings us great joy!


Massage Master

Therapists Who Care

Massage Master

We bring more than thirty years experience to our work, including 12 years of certifying massage therapists through our school, The Wind Walk Institute.  What this means is your body gets an intensely aware listening and accurate response, something that can only be perfected over time. 

Many surgeries happen because tight muscles constrict movement and blood flow; and grind off cartilage in joints. Over the years we have seen our massage therapy treatments prevent surgeries of the knee, hip, back, shoulder, neck and hand. See if you qualify for our ASP (Another Surgery Prevented) Hall of Fame!

Proudly Announcing 3 New Benefits!


Hot Stones in Every Massage

Love the feeling and healing effect of the warm stones on your body? .We decided to include them all the time.

experience the advantages of ashiatsu barefoot shiatsu

Barefoot Shiatsu

Barefoot Shiatsu offers so much more than we could ever do before. Think about it: gravity helps us give much more pressure to effect your muscles at a deeper level, while the larger, softer surface area of the foot reduces residual soreness that elbows can leave. This is a highly valued and sought after modality that we offer at no additional cost.

Highest quality and most easily absorbed CBD available today

CBD Upgrade

You can now have healing CBD lotion worked into your sore spots for $20 extra. Just let us know when you get here and enjoy the benefits of the highest quality and most easily absorbed CBD on the market today!


What Happens When I Massage You?


And this is the least of it.....

"Perfectly massaged, one feels completely regenerated, a feeling of extreme comfort pervades the whole system, the chest expands, ad we breathe with pleasure, the blood circulates with ease, and we have a sensation as if freed from an enormous load.; we experience a suppleness and lightness til then unknown. It seems as if we truly lived for the first time. There is a lively feeling of existence which radiates to the extremities of the body, whilst the whole is given over to the most delightful sensations."

--Claude-Etienne Savary

a Frenchman describing his experience

receiving massage in Egypt in 1785


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