Deep Healing Massage in Incline Village and Other Services

Deep Tissue and Other Modalities


As the premier place for massage in Incline Village, we offer Deep Tissue Massage which reaches deeper layers of muscles. It is used to break down knots and relieve pressure points throughout the body, literally re-route the neural networks that create pain.  We have nearly 100% success with Sciatica and lower back pain. We also offer Awareness Massage, Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage, Lomi Lomi, Athletic Massage, Hot Stone, Pregnancy Massage, Pre and Post Surgical Lymphatic Massage and Somatic Experiencing. Please note that when you schedule your session online you need not specify the specialty (except for Hot Stone and Pregnancy which require some set up), so you can just let us know when you come in.

Couples Massage


We love to work on both of you at the same time! Couples Massage is highly subject to availability, so please let us know in advance to set up your Couples Massage treatment and make your Tahoe experience special. Call us today! 775.292.0650

Life Path Readings


Sometimes you are so buried within something you need a higher perspective to find your way. We access the guidance that loves and watches over you every day to strengthen your own knowing and show you the way.

Nutrition Coaching


Gwendalyn Gilliam Takes 4th Place in Nevada

In October of 2017, in spite of growing up as a chubby child, because of her superior program of nutritional cleansing, she was able to compete when she was 28 years beyond the highest age grade in the competition.


Eight Years Earlier

It may be hard to compare these images, but the prior portrait was taken prior to the nutrition program that changed her life.

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A Stunning Result

This is a photo of Gwendalyn's ponytail from before she cut the bob in the preceding photo. At age 56 her hair volume doubled, to much more than she'd had in high school.  She would absolutely love to share this gift with you.

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