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Quantum Sync

This Spring Equinox Quantum Sync is offered free of charge by love donation. 6:15pm PDT, Dial-in number (425) 436-6390 

Access code: 533800 

Come and hear a higher perspective on this time of transformation!

The Quantum Sync is a life changing guided meditation that connects you with your Divine deep in your core.    Miracles and inexplicable things happen.  At the Quantum Sync you are the star because the angelic ones who attend are yours. In fact, you create the event. We hold the  Quantum Sync four times annually, at each equinox and solstice (on or about March 21, June 21, September 21 and December 21).  The benefits of every event build upon each other so you will want to come back again and again. 

See our Events page for updates, and be sure to bring your blankee!     

If you're curious about what it might be like, listen to this recording of our powerful Big Joy Summer Solstice Quantum Sync of June 21, 2019.  


Settle in and relax. It's about 90 min long. Since time and space to not exist you will get the full benefit of the event as if you were there live.

You can also join our Quantum Sync Facebook Community:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      https://www.facebook.com/thequantumsyncexperience/

What People Are Saying About Us

 Last night's sync was extraordinary! There were many amazing beings that came, and they made me realize just how in sync life truly is...the seahorse was one of those "Wow" moments, because it came as a giant 25' seahorse talking about flowing with life and the movement of the light between seaweed under water. That was a special sign for me because I had just learned about a place where giant 3ft + seahorses were found fossilized into palisades, which exposed themselves after a giant palisade came crashing down last summer near my land in Chico. Geologists have known small ones were fossilized there, but not 3ft +'ers until this summer...and I had just learned of this.

--C. Gavin H.

"If you want to improve your life and a big way, this is a really good first step. Or, if you’ve experienced trauma (ever!) and your life seems out of balance or needs positive direction, you should do this. I went to my first quantum sync with my son, with no expectations at all. For me, it was just a date with my son and I had no idea what to expect, nor any idea what was about to happen and how dramatically my life would change. 

I was somewhat uncomfortable with the idea of Guided Meditation but I worked through it. I’m not sure guided meditation is what Gwendalyn would call it, but in my experience with the public, that is the most widely understood term that I know. 

What happened, much to my pleasant amazement, was that everything in my life was about to change very quickly, for the better. I’m not talking about small changes. I’m talking about everything in my life changing, including my career and where I live. I shed the baggage of everything being so difficult. Not only are things changing, but they are working out far better than I expected. 

Since my first Quantum Sync just over a year ago, I have become a Licensed Massage Therapist - something I wanted to do for 15 years. I am told by many that I have a gift.

The gift is intuition, which at the time, I knew very little about. I had no idea how to understand it until I experienced a series of things, the first and most important being Quantum Sync. This put me on the path to changing my whole life, and fast! Good things happened to me so quickly, I could hardly keep up with them. (Actually, I was manifesting them, still am, always will.) 

With Gwendalyn’s help through her work, I will continue to develop and share my healing energies. I also want to share and thank a young lady that I met that night for sharing a piece of wisdom that also changed my life. To paraphrase, “When we learn and grow from our pain, it benefits the collective (everyone)". 

In my own words, We do not suffer for the sake of suffering. We experience pain to learn, grow, and ease the pain of others. I strongly, emphatically recommend this as the first step in YOUR life changing experience. "❤️

                            --Karen W.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

"I felt safe, open and trusting. Thank you and All."

--Brooke B.

"Gwendalyn is a welcoming facilitator of the Quantum Sync energies. A loving, calm experience hearing the gifts of the non-seen world. Gwen is a trusting and confident host providing a safe and comfortable space for participants to relax, learn and contemplate the messages from the higher dimensions. I would highly recommend this experience."

--Deb K.


Tahoe Troubadour

Elevate your next party with music, namely, an appearance by  Gwendalyn Gilliam, the Tahoe Troubadour. She enters, circulating around the room playing violin according to the theme we have worked out. Then she stands and plays a showcase song and disappears, leaving your guests to enjoy their even more special evening together.


Anna, Grandmother of Jesus Show

Learn the true story of events that rocked the world from one who was there.  Contact us today if you'd like to see  it performed in your town. Click on the photo displayed to watch a short video of Gwendalyn, who plays Anna.

Hawaiian Forgiveness Ritual to Heal our Communities


Dr. Wasaru Emoto was a Japanese scientist, known for The Hidden Messages in Water, a seminal work that demonstrated the physical impact of human thoughts and emotions. When they sang to the water, or played beautiful music, or told it they loved it, it froze into lovely crystals. When they yelled at it and told it they hated it, it looked like cancer.

Hidden Messages in Water

Before he died, Dr. Emoto called for the whole world to do the Hawaiian ritual Ho'o pono pono to help stop the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. Until that point the rupture had seemed unstoppable, but 2 weeks later it was somehow completely resolved. 

Ho'o pono pono means that instead of pointing fingers at a supposed offender we ask forgiveness for our part in creating it, whether by using electricity or manufactured products or being part of a global consumer culture that has created the disaster. 

Why don't we, all of us, do the same thing for the Fukushima disaster which continues to radiate our ocean waters on a grand scale? 

An even more direct application of Ho'o pono pono is to send it out to potential shooters of innocents, especially since we all actually have helped create the society of alienation that produces them . When you do this, it is important that you intend the message go to the soul of those who are troubled, alienated and angry, since their personality may be closed off. To reach the physical part of them, reach out with random acts of kindness to strangers. Leave the lonely neighbor a love basket on his doorstep!

This is highly powerful and effective medicine.  If this resonates with you please share this and let's all of us, together, see what happens! 

Have a very Namas day! 

Here's How to Do Ho'o pono pono

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Anna, Grandmother of Jesus Show

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A Bit About Me

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